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  • We transform lawns into food forests and edible landscapes.
  • We establish vegetable gardens so that families can supplement their food supply and cut their monthly grocery bill on essential vegetables and herbs significantly.
  • We work with subdivisions, intentional communities, housing projects, community centers, schools and social groups to establish community garden spaces which can be both a social Oasis as well as a place of education and cultivation for large groups.
  • We do this by creating raised beds in wood boxes, ground beds, vertical garden spaces, and creative container garden landscapes using portable flexible containers.
  • All beds are custom-made according to our clients preferences and best agricultural practices. The choices of wood include untreated white pine, Cedar, White Oak.

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We help happy clients meet various agricultural needs in Virginia, California (northern, central and southern), Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Guyana & Jamaica. We will gladly come to your area and assist in the establishment of sustainable systems.

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Alternative irrigation systems which aims in getting us off of the grid. Rain barrel rainwater catchment systems of various kinds including those attach to existing gutter system, free standing rainwater catchment systems and drip hose irrigation lines.


The most precious resource for a garden is rich soil. Families and communities have the opportunity to create this for themselves by simply recycling their non-meat food waste and Lawnrefuse. Simple steps that save so much money and trips to hardware stores in the end. Let us show you how.


Honey bees are sadly becoming more extinct because of the pollution in the atmosphere as well as the destruction of natural pollinators. These bees are some of our hardest workers in the garden because they fertilize our food and give it much better chance to grow with strength based on their natural actions. Many local municipalities now offer tax breaks for citizens to raise bees. The bees are very family-friendly and give extra benefit as we can extract honey from them once or twice a year. Let us show you how.

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*Additional Services

Garden planning

Many people have the time to tend to their Gardens but lack the knowledge of what is needed to raise optimal crops from season to season. We provide a detailed 12 month plan for year-round growing including weatherization in extreme weather and optimal crop rotation. We can provide the service and digital and print form and leave you with a step by step easily followed blueprint for success.

Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly garden maintenance

Many people have the desire to raise gardens but lacked the time to maintain them because of other commitments in life. We provide various levels of garden maintenance to ensure that your garden stays at the optimal production level year round. Our competitive rates include weekly, monthly and seasonal packages. Cultivate the appetite and provide the space and let our licenced gardeners do your gardening

Rainwater harvest and irrigation

Consistent and dramatic climate change is compelling people all over the world to establish sustainable forms of irrigation. Water is life, and clean and alkaline water free of flouride and other chemicals is most meaningful for garden experiences. We establish free-standing water catchment systems which store rain water for dry periods in a mosquito-free way as well as systems attached to existing gutters.

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Greenhouse and Hoop House construction

Greenhouses and hoop houses are a few excellent ways of extending growing seasons in climates which experience extreme temperatures. They are useful in times of cold to either extend the warm season crops or begin the spring crop early. We establish these structures in dimensions appropriate for anything from your backyard gardens to larger production farms.

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